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CCTV Photos taken using screen caputure on iPhone 6 with xMeye Software. No image has been altered in anyway for web.

CCTV in Melbourne is quickly becoming the “MUST HAVE” in home and business security. With crime on the rise all across Melbourne including home invasions, burglary’s and theft we are left to feel unsafe in our own homes! The CCTV industry in Melbourne and around Australia is growing rapidly and the market is becoming flooded with all sorts of cameras and surveillance systems making it hard to find a starting point.
ExclusiveCC have partnered with a large global CCTV distributor to offer our customers some of the highest quality products on the market with out the price tag to follow, allowing your family, business and assets to be secured by CCTV. All our products can be DIY installed or we can refer you to our professional installers in Melbourne. If you are not in Melbourne we are still able to help you, our online sales channel is growing almost daily and we will soon be opening our new online store. Our most in demand products are available for purchase on our website but if there is something specific you require please contact us.

DID YOU KNOW? Crime rates in Melbourne have increased, its a known fact and the statistics are scary to say the least. Crime Statistics Agency reports as at the 30 of July 2016 offences are up 13.4% since the same time last year!

That represents and increase of over 60,000 offences!

We take security seriously, that’s why we only offer high quality products. If your wanting to protect your family, home, business or investments we have the right products for you.

You can find our products across a wide range of businesses and homes from:

  • Warehouses
  • Farms
  • The family home
  • The holiday house
  • Various Businesses and retail outlets

We believe in the deterrence, prevention and protection mythology and with extensive research and thorough product testing we have now settled on a global supplier of high quality products. We have been fortunate enough to lock in a supply agreement direct from the manufacture without all the red tape bringing the high quality products to you at affordable price.

Our kits can be purchased by anyone in Australia online or if based in Melbourne we can come to you and offer a FREE quote. DIY forms are available and simple to setup. All systems are pre-configured and can be tailored to your individual network requirements. If you are after a certified installer our Melbourne based installers Melbourne Data & Electrical are experienced and trusted CCTV installers with many installations already completed they have the technical know how and level of skill to ensure your installation is not only cost competitive but of the highest standard.

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